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Monday 22  November 2021

Opening Plenary: Industrial innovation in the EU policy context  - 9h30-10h45 | Watch the recorded session

Chair: Mikel Landabaso, Director,  Growth  and Innovation Directorate of  the  Joint  Research  Centre, European Commission

  • Maive  Rute, Deputy  Director-General,  Internal  Market,  Industry,  Entrepreneurship  and  SMEs Directorate-General, European Commission
  • Ulrik Vestergaard Knudsen, OECD Deputy Secretary-General
  • Hiroshi Kuniyoshi, Deputy to the Director General, UNIDO
  • Antti Vasara, President, EARTO and President and CEO, VTT
  • Jean-Eric Paquet,  Director-General, Research  and  Innovation  Directorate-General,  European Commission: “R&I key for sustainability, recovery and resilience”
  • Stephen Quest, Director-General, Joint Research Centre, European Commission:  “Science-to-policy for competitive sustainability” 

Comfort Break 10:45-11:00

Plenary Session: Industrial innovation for competitive sustainability – 11h00-12h00  | Watch the recorded session

Chair:  Xabier Goenaga, Head of Knowledge for Finance, Innovation & Growth Unit, Growth and Innovation Directorate of the Joint Research Centre, European Commission.

  • Keynote: Kevin O'Connor, Co-Founder of Biplastech Ltd. and Professor at University College Dublin (IRE) “Biodegradable plastics innovation for sustainability: an Entrepreneurial experience”  | Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • Keynote:  Reinhilde  Veugelers, Professor of Managerial Economics, Strategy and Innovation at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (BEL) “How to do green industrial policy?”    | Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • Discussant: Eline Chivot, Senior Adviser on Digital Policy at the European People’s Party (BEL).

Parallel Sessions on Industrial transition in times of recovery 15h00-17h00 | Watch the recorded session

Parallel Sessions A1 (15h00-15h55)
Chair:  Maria Savona (University of Sussex, GBR, and Luiss University, ITA)

  • International Patent Protection and Trade: Transaction-Level Evidence
    Daniele Moschella (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, ITA), Gaétan de Rassenfosse (Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, CHE), Marco Grazzi and Gabriele Pellegrino (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, ITA)
    Download the presentation [PDF File]

  • Intangible assets, industry performance and finance during crises
    Peter Bauer (EC-JRC), Carlo Altomonte; Alberto Maria Gilardi, Chiara Soriolo (Bocconi University, ITA) Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • Market Selection in Global Value Chains
    Philipp Mundt (University of Bamberg, DEU), Uwe Cantner (University of Jena, DEU); Hiroyasu Inoue (University of Hyogo, JAP); Ivan Savin (Autonomous University of Barcelona, ESP), Simone Vannuccini (Sussex University,  GBR) 
    Download the presentation [PDF File]

Parallel Sessions A2 (15h00-15h55)
Chair:  Gaétan de Rassenfosse (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, CHE)

  • Developing governance capacity for transformative policy: Insights from a comparative case study
    Matthijs Janssen, Iris Wanzenböck (Utrecht University, NLD); Lea Fünfschilling (Lund University, SWE) and Dimitris Pontikakis (EU-JRC) Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • Technology policy evaluation: The interaction between the financial constraint of firms and level of impact in term of financial additionality
    Joost Heijs, Diego Sancho and Alex J. Guerrero (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, ESP) Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • Regional technological capabilities and the access to H2020 funds
    Daniele Archibugi (Irpps-Cnr, ITA, and University of London, GBR); Rinaldo Evangelista, University of Camerino (ITA) and Antonio Vezzani (University of Roma Tre, ITA) Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • Comfort Break 10’

Parallel Sessions A2 (15h00-15h55)
Pierre-Alex Balland (Utrecht University, NLD)

  • The direction of technical change in AI and the trajectory effects of government funding
    Martina Iori, Andrea Mina and Arianna Martinelli (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, ITA) Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • Productivity and HGEs: resilience and potential recovery from Covid-19 pandemic
    Sofia Amaral, Peter Bauer (EC-JRC); Alex Coad (Waseda University, JAP); Clemens Domnick (JRC-JRC); Peter Harasztosi; Rozalia Pal (European Investment Bank), and Mercedes Teruel Carrizosa (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, ESP) Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • Choosing Technologies:  Benefits of investing into the Development of Fourth Industrial Revolution Technologies
    Bettina Peters, ZEW-Mannheim, DEU/ University of Luxembourg, LUX) and Markus Trunschke (ZEW-Mannheim, DEU/ KU Leuven, BEL) Download the presentation [PDF File]

Parallel Sessions A4 (16h05-17h00) 
Chair: Elena Huergo (Universidad Complutense Madrid, ESP)

  • Do the two make a pair? Digital and green transition in European regions and their impact on greenhouse gas emissions
    Stefano Bianchini (Université de Strasbourg, FRA), Claudia Ghisetti (University of Milan Bicocca, ITA) and Giacomo Damioli (EC-JRC) Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • Going green and failing: Evidence from propensity score matching on types of eco-innovation and project failure
    Bettina Becker (Durham University Business School, GBR) and Effie Kesidou (Leeds University, GBR)) Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • International collaborations in green energy technologies: What is the role of distance in environmental policy stringency?
    Nicoletta Corrocher and Maria Luisa Mancusi (Università Bocconi, ITA) Download the presentation [PDF File]

Tuesday 23 November  2021   

Plenary Session: “The role of world’s top R&D performers to achieve carbon neutrality objectives” - 10h00-10h45   

  • Chair: Chiara  Criscuolo,  Head  of  the  Productivity,  Innovation  and  Entrepreneurship  Division,  OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation 
  • Keynote: Dirk Pilat, Deputy-Director, OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation. “World Corporate Top R&D investors: Paving the way to climate neutrality”- Results from the joint OECD-EC/JRC report Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • Lead discussant: Mikel Landabaso, Director of Growth  and Innovation of the Joint Research  Centre, European Commission   

Comfort Break 10h45-11h00 

Plenary Panel discussion: “Innovating for climate neutrality: Large corporations, start -ups, and the broader industrial ecosystem” 11h00-12h00

Chair: Antoine  Dechezleprêtre, Senior  Economist, Productivity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Division, OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation 

  • Paul Ekins, Professor of Resources and Environment Policy & Director of the Green Innovation Policy Commission, University College London (GBR)
  • Kirsten Dunlop, CEO, EIT Climate-KIC (NDL)
  • Anthony Hobley,  Co-Executive Directors,  Mission Possible Partnership &  Executive  Fellow,  World Economic Forum (CHE)
  • Lisa Unkelhäusser, Senior Partner, Bosch Climate Solutions (DEU)

Parallel Sessions on “Industrial Innovation for sustainable transformations” – 15h00-17h00   

Parallel Sessions B1 (15h00-15h55)
Chair:  Mariagrazia Squicciarini (UNESCO, FRA)

  • For whom the bell tolls: the firm-level effects of automation on wage and gender inequality
    Giacomo Domini (Erasmus University Rotterdam, NLD), Marco Grazzi (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, ITA) Daniele Moschella (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, ITA) and Tania Treibich (Maastricht University, NLD)Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, Board Gender Diversity, and Firm Innovation
    Sui Sui (Ryerson University, CAN) and Derek Ruth (Dominican University, DOM)Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • Gender diversity in R&D teams and firms’ environmental innovation strategies
    Priit Vahter (University of Tartu, EST) and Bettina Becker (Durham University Business School, GBR) Download the presentation [PDF File]

Parallel Sessions B2 (15h00-15h55)
Chair:  Andreas Pyka (University of Hohenheim, DEU)

  • Venture Capital Financing and Green Patenting
    Andrea Bellucci, Serena Fatica, Aliki Georgakaki (EC-JRC), Gianluca Gucciardi, (Unicredit, ITA), Simon Letout and Francesco Pasimeni (EU-JRC) Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • Knowing brown and inventing green? Incremental and radical innovative activities in the automotive sector between persistency and transition
    Julia Mazzei, Tommaso Rughi and Maria Enrica Virgillito (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, ITA) Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • A Patent Analysis of Digitalization in Climate Change-Related Technologies: Innovation, Corporate Strategies, and Policy Implications
    Kevin Chandra and Masaru Yarime (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HKG) Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • Comfort Break 10’

Parallel Sessions B3  (16h05-17h00)
Chair: Martin Srholec (CERGE-EI, Prague, CZE)

  • On the road to regional ‘Competitive Sustainability’: The role of the European structural funds
    Anabela Santos, Javier Barbero, Simone Salotti, and Dimitrios Pontikakis (EC-JRC) Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • Impact of Climate Change Mitigation Technologies on Sustainable Development Transition
    Arash Hajikhani and Arho Suominen (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, FIN) Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • Policies for a climate-neutral industry: Lessons from the Netherlands
    Antoine Dechezlepretre, Guy Lalanne, Luisa Dressler, Nicolas Gonne, Emile Cammeraat, Anderson Brilé, Joaquim Martins Guilhoto and  Konstantinos Theodoropoulos (OECD, FRA) Download the presentation [PDF File]

Parallel Sessions B4 (16h05-17h00)
Chair: Bram Timmermans (Norwegian School of Economics, NOR)

  • Do Consumers Shift from Private to Shared Ownership?
    Francesco Pasimeni (University of Sussex, GBR), Tommaso Ciarli (UNU-MERIT, NLD, and University of Sussex, GBR) Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • Building an OECD infrastructure for timely monitoring business R&D investment
    Fernando Galindo-Rueda and Fabien Verger (OECD, FRA) Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • Collaborative ecosystems between research organizations and companies from web scraped data: a vantage point to proximity of collaboration
    Arash Hajikhani, Arho Suominen (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, FIN) and Lukas Pukelis (Public Policy and Management Institute, LTU) Download the presentation [PDF File]

Wednesday 24  November 2021   

Plenary Session: The future of industrialization in a post pandemic world: Focus on developing countries – 10h00-11h25 

Chair: Nobuya Haraguchi, Chief, Research and Industrial Policy Advice Division, UNIDO

  • Opening  remarks: Hiroshi  Kuniyoshi,  Deputy  to  UNIDO’s Director General. “Fostering inclusive, sustainable and resilient industrial development through digital and green technologies” 
  • Keynote: Fiona Tregenna, University of Johannesburg (ZAF). “The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on manufacturing firms in developing and emerging countries” |Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • Keynote: Keun Lee, Seoul National University (KOR). “Digitalization and greening as windows of opportunity for leapfrogging in the post-pandemic world”  |Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • Discussants: Alessandro Rainoldi (EC-JRC), Alejandro Lavopa (UNIDO)

Comfort Break 11h25-11h40

Plenary Session: Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Recovery through Digital Transformation - focus on developing countries -11h40-12h30  

Chair: Marco Kamiya (Chief, Digitalization and Innovation, UNIDO) 

  • Keynote: Bernardo Calzadilla-Sarmiento “UNIDO Strategic approach: Making the Fourth Industrial Revolution work for all” 
  • Panel discussion on “digital and green transitions in the context of the Decade of Action of the SDGs”
    • Elfi Klumpp, Head of Partnership Development Global Education; Festo Didactic
    • So Young Kim, Director, Korea Policy Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (KPC4IR). 
    • Rana Ghoneim, Chief, Energy  Systems  &  Infrastructure  Division, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
    • Elizabeth Tuerk, Director, Economic Cooperation and Trade, UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). 

Parallel Sessions. The greening of the economy: challenges to achieve SDGs – 15h00-16h00  

Parallel Sessions C.1 (15h00 -16h00)
Chair: Riccardo Savigliano (UNIDO, AUT)

  • Exploring European oil majors' response to pressures for climate action
    Leticia Canal Vieira, Matteo Mura, and Mariolina Longo (University of Bologna, ITA) Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • The potential of European Industry regarding Europe's Green Deal
    Norbert Malanowski (VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH, DEU), Lesley Potters (EC-JRC, ESP), Jana Steinbach (VDI Technology Center, DEU), Els VandeVelde (IDEA Consult, BEL) Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • Iberdrola Green Transformation
    Beatriz Crisóstomo Merino and Cristina De Inza Pujadas (Iberdrola, ESP) Download the presentation [PDF File]

Parallel Sessions C.2 (15h00 -16h00)  
Chair: Meryem Sghir (UNIDO, AUT)

  • Countries’ research priorities in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals
    Tommaso Ciarli (UNU-MERIT, NLD), Hugo Confraria (Universidade de Lisboa, PRT, and University of Sussex, GBR), Ed Noyons (Leiden University, NLD) Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • Duration of universities as participants in the United Nations Global Compact programme
    Martin Falk (University of South-East Norway, NOR) and Eva Hagsten (University of Iceland, ISL) Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • Informal to Formal Industrial Co-Location and Structural Change in Ghana
    Bernardo Caldarola (University of Sussex, GBR)) Download the presentation [PDF File]

Thursday 25 November 2021

Plenary Session: RTOs in Industrial Innovation Ecosystems: Ensuring Europe’s Competitiveness & Sustainability  – 10h00-12h30

  • Introduction by Antti Vasara, President, EARTO, and President and CEO, VTT (FIN) 
  • Plenary - part 1: Technology Infrastructures: Key enablers for the transition to a sustainable and digital industry 

  • Introduction by moderator Muriel Attané, Secretary General, EARTO
    • Video on the role of Technology Infrastructures for Europe’s Prosperity & Sustainable Future, featuring Thomas Kallstenius, CEO, LIST (LUX); João Claro, CEO, INESC TEC (PRT); Xavier LopezCEO, EURECAT (ESP); William Scanlon, CEO, Tyndall (IRL)
    • Keynote: Anna Panagopoulou, Director “ERA and Innovation”, Research and Innovation Directorate-General, European Commission: “Towards an integrated European technology infrastructure landscape” |Download the presentation [PDF File]
    • Presentation of “JRC Policy Brief on Technology Infrastructures” by Fabio Taucer, Deputy Head of Unit Scientific Development European Commission – JRC |Download the presentation [PDF File]
    • Presentations of Technology Infrastructures’ Case  Studies: Monica  Ringvik,  CTO,  RISE|Download the presentation [PDF File]; Pierre Vedrine, Head of Accelerators, Cryogenics and Magnetism Department, CEA|Download the presentation [PDF File]; Anne Van den Bosch, Director  Public  R&D  Policies  and  Programs,  Imec|Download the presentation [PDF File]; Dmitri  Petrovykh,  Corporate  Expert  at  INL|Download the presentation [PDF File]Andrzej Taube, Area Leader at Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics, Łukasiewicz Research Network|Download the presentation [PDF File]; Esther Hurtós, R&I Policy and Funding Programmes, EURECAT|Download the presentation [PDF File]
  • Plenary - part 2: The role of RTOs to deliver impact on the economy and for society 

    • Introduction by moderator Sophie Viscido, Senior Advisor - Policy Strategy and Analysis, EARTO  
    • Presentation of OECD-EARTO Study by Philippe Larrue, Policy Analyst, OECD |Download the presentation [PDF File]
    • Presentations of RTOs’ Impact Assessment Studies: Angélica López Sobrado, Technology Watch and Strategic Surveillance Manager, Tecnalia|Download the presentation [PDF File]; Marcel de Heide, Senior Economist and Researcher Strategy and Policy, TNO|Download the presentation [PDF File]; Torben Schubert, Deputy Head of the Competence Center Innovation and Knowledge Economy, Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI, Fraunhofer|Download the presentation [PDF File]; Ingrid Lundestad, Head of Strategic Analysis, SINTEF|Download the presentation [PDF File]; Kirsi-Maria Hyytinen, Senior Scientist, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland|Download the presentation [PDF File]

Closing address: Antti Vasara, President, EARTO, and President and CEO, VTT (FIN)

Closing Plenary Session of the Conference 15h00-17h00

Chair / Moderator: Daria Tataj (Funder and CEO, Tataj Innovation – POL/ESP; Strategic Advisor, European Institute of Public Administration) 

  • Closing Plenary – part 1: Summary Panel of Scientific results from plenary and parallel sessions 

    • Rapporteur of Day 1 Alexandr Hobza (EC-DG R&I and Scientific Committee member)
    • Rapporteur of Day 2 Román Arjona (EC-DG GROW and Scientific Committee member)
    • Rapporteur of Day 3 Fernando Santiago (UNIDO and Scientific Committee member)
    • Rapporteur of Day 4-morning. Sophie Viscido (EARTO and Scientific Committee member)  

Announcement of CONCORDi 2021’s Best scientific paper award winner.

Comfort Break 15h45-16h00

  • Closing Plenary – part 2: Policy-makers’ round table 

    • Panellist: Peter Dröll (Director, Prosperity - EC-DG R&I) 
    • Panellist: Geraldine Mahieu (Acting Director, Investment, growth and structural reform - EC-DG ECFIN) 
    • Panellist: Outi Slotboom (Director, Strategy and Economic Analysis - EC-DG GROW)
    • Reply statements from Xabier Goenaga (EC-JRC), Muriel Attané (EARTO), Dirk Pilat (OECD) and Patrick Gilabert (UNIDO)

Concluding remarks: Mikel Landabaso (Director, Growth and Innovation Directorate - EC-JRC) 

 17h00 - END of the Conference