Announcement CONCORDi 2021 Conference: Full programme available and registration open

28 October 2021

The JRC Joint Research Centre – Directorate B 'Growth and Innovation' of the European Commission is organising  8th European Conference on Corporate R&D and Innovation (CONCORDi 2021) in collaboration with the European Association for Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO), the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

The CONCORDi 2021 will be online/virtual only and be held on in 22-25 November 2021.

The aim of CONCORDi 2021 is to support decision-makers with novel scientific-based outcomes addressing the role of industrial innovation in achieving competitive sustainability in the EU, the implementation of the green and digital transitions as well as the global sustainability agenda. The focus of this edition of the Conference is on "Industrial innovation for competitive sustainability".

The full Draft programme of the Conference has been just released. This includes the complete list of keynote speakers, chairs, discussants, panellists and presenters of selected scientific papers:

Please register to be able attend the Conference; it take less than 1 minute to register  and there are no registration fees. Click here to register: Registration

 See you at the Conference soon!”