4th GLORIA virtual workshop: Capturing the progress of industrial innovation efforts towards competitive sustainability

On line
27 Apr 2021 - 28 Apr 2021

This workshop was organised as part of the Global Research & Innovation Analyses4 (GLORIA) project undertaken jointly between the Commission's Joint Research Centre and the Directorate General for Research & Innovation (R&I). GLORIA workshops are held in order to discuss policy-relevant issues addressed in the analytical work of this project5 and obtain feedback from different stakeholders from academics, policymakers, and industrialists about the relevance of the results and analysis obtained in the GLORIA activities and their policy implications. Up to now, twelve workshops have been held.6 The European Green Deal7 marks the way forward, with a more ambitious European Union’s emission reduction target for 2030 towards 55% and climate neutrality 2050. As such, the Green Deal will have a significant impact on the R&I activities of European industry. Investment in R&D and CAPEX is key to achieve these objectives. The Sustainable Finance Package shall trigger €1 trillion investment over the next decade.8 The upcoming renewed sustainable finance strategy,9 and the EU taxonomy on sustainable finance10 will strengthen the foundations for sustainable investment by creating an enabling framework and include sustainability principles in the financial and corporate sectors.

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