IPTS Steering Workshop on Industrial Research and Innovation

14 Jun 2012 - 15 Jun 2012

The main aim of the Workshop was to present and discuss, with a group of selected experts in the field, the research activities that the IPTS group working on "Industrial Research and Innovation" (IRI) is planning to carry out in the course of 2012 and 2013 in the context of the Industrial Research and Innovation Monitoring and Analysis project (IRIMA). This is a project implemented in cooperation with the Directorate General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD).

For this purpose, the IRI team presented its research plans (including relevant policy and research questions, data sources and methodologies) and sought feed-back from the group on each of the three topics agreed with DG RTD for the next two years, namely:

  • Topic 1: Business R&D and innovation investments and firm's economic performance.
  • Topic 2: The role of intangibles (beyond R&D investments) in the innovative performance of firms.
  • Topic 3: Technological profile and innovation patterns of European top R&D investors.

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