First IRIMA workshop on Industrial Research and Innovation Monitoring and Analysis

04 Dec 2012

The objective of the first IRIMA workshop, that took place in Brussels on 4th December 2012, was to discuss with policy makers and industry representatives how the new phase of the Industrial Research and Innovation Monitoring and Analysis project could best address their information needs. To serve this purpose, the following kind of questions were addressed: Is the project addressing the right policy questions? Which are the main information black-spots that the project could address? A short discussion paper was circulated in advance in order to frame the debate.

The workshop was structured around two main topics related to industrial research and innovation and its impact on the competitiveness of the European economy.

  • Session 1: High-growth innovative companies in Europe: What do we know about them? How to increase their number?
  • Session 2: Globalisation and R&D localisation: How to attract R&D investments in Europe? What is the link between R&D and manufacturing activities?

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