The 2009 Survey on R&D Investment Business Trends The 2009 Survey on R&D Investment Business Trends

This document presents the findings of the fifth survey on trends in business R&D investment. These are based on the responses from 185 EU-based Scoreboard companies, reporesenting an R&D investment of almost € 48 billion (over one third of the total R&D of the 1000 EU Scoreboard companies).

The main findings are as follows:

  • The companies' R&D investment is expected to grow by 2% annually over 2010-12, half the amount expected according to last year's survey, reflecting the ongoing effects of the economic crisis.
  • More than half of the respondents made changes to the management of their R&D investments as a result of the economic crisis. Around 40% of the respondents said there was no change.
  • The companies, all EU-based, invest around one fourth of their R&D outside (mainly the US and Canada (around 12%), followed by India (3.1%), China (2.4%), other European countries (2.1%), Japan (1.9%) and the Rest of the World). They expect strong R&D investment increases outside the EU, especially in China and India. The resulting R&D investment outflow implies sustained but smooth changes in R&D investment shares in world regions.
  • Tax incentives appear to be particularly important for high R&D intensive companies. With respect to last year's survey, these companies also attach a great deal of importance to regulatory intervention to improve product markets and framework conditions, aligning their views with the rest of the sectors. European Technology Platforms appear to be more relevant to low R&D intensity sectors.
  • R&D is the most important component of innovation for the companies which invest most in R&D. In low R&D intensity sectors, greater increases in innovation investments are expected.