The following posters were on display:

ppt Research and development and innovation in the Moroccans companies: Determinants and impact from the national survey on R&D and Innovation

Jamal Assad

ppt Mutual Dependence of R&D and Trade

Dilek Cetin, Michele Cincera

ppt How Does Foreign Ownership Affect Turkish R&D?

Elif Dayar, Teoman Pamukçu

ppt Do R&D expenditures matter for labor productivity in OECD countries?

Erkan Erdil, Seyit M. Cilasun, Ayşegül Eruygur and Teoman Pamukçu

ppt Joint R&D Strategies in a University based Spin Off: The case of Tafco Metawireless

Francisco Falcone, Antonio Marcotegui and Mario Sorolla

ppt What determines the choice between FDI and international outsourcing?

María García-Vega, C. Fillat

ppt Commons-based innovation - The Linux kernel case

Jesús García-García, Mª Isabel Alonso de Magdaleno

ppt Globalization and Innovations (Slovakia)

Jana Gašparíková

ppt Beyond Borders: Internationalization of R&D and Policy: Implications for Small Open Economies

Ujjwal Kacker

ppt Innovation Performance of Turkey and the EU: A comparative analysis

Zeynep Kaplan

pdf Cooperation of academic and corporate research using the example of Preventive Occupational Health and Safety

I. Leisten

ppt On the role of process innovation on SMEs productivity

Juan A. Máñez, María E. Rochina, Amparo Sanchis, Juan A. Sanchis

ppt What to Research, for Whom to Develop? The Case of Turkish Defence Industry Firms


ppt Economic Impacts of Short-Term R&D for SME - Correlation between R&D and economic impacts of SME

Eunjung Ma, Sangil Kim

ppt Do public subsidies affect the choice between internal and external R&D?

Sergio M. Afcha Chávez

ppt Total Factor Productivity Elasticity of R&D Investment - Empirical Research on Korean Manufacturing Industries

SeungKyu Yi, Eunjung Ma