Final review and workshop results of the GLORIA 2020-21 project

Brussels, Belgium
06 Oct 2022

The EU policy agenda highlights industrial innovation as key for competitive sustainability, together with the importance of monitoring and analysing innovation activity in Europe as a basis for research, innovation and industrial policy-making.
Since 2004, the Directorate-General Research and Innovation (DG-R&I) and the Joint Research Centre (JRC) jointly produce the EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboards as main deliverables of the GLORIA (GLObal Industrial Research & Innovation Analyses) projects. An annual survey of top EU-1000 R&D investors complements the findings. These are implemented by the JRC through an internal Commission contract (Administrative Arrangement) administered by DG Research & Innovation (R&I), in which the JRC is responsible for the evidence and DG-R&I for the policy side.
This report summarises key results from a hybrid workshop, held on 6 October 2022 in Brussels, which focused on the outcome of the peer review by a group of four external experts to the GLORIA project -Prof. Roberta Rabellotti (University of Pavia), Prof. Hanna Hottenrott (University of Munich), Prof. Gary Gereffi (Duke University) and Alex Nussem (European Industrial Research Management Association – EIRMA). Staff from Commission services and external experts participated in the workshop as well. They validated findings of the peer review and provided valuable comments and suggestions, which are highlighted in this document.

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