Workshop on the Dynamics of EU industrial structure and the growth of innovative firms

18 Nov 2010

Increasing the share of fast-growing innovative companies in the economy will become a key indicator to measure the success of the recently adopted Innovation Union, the new European research and innovation agenda. As a matter of fact, evidence from the analysis of top corporate R&D investors in the world suggests that differences in the rates of formation and growth of companies in high R&D intensity sectors may be a major cause of EU's R&D intensity gap with the US.

This workshop, held on the 18th November 2010 in Brussels, represented an opportunity for the decision-makers, researchers and analysts to take stock of relevant knowledge and evidence available on the dynamics of the EU industrial structure and the growth of innovative firms, to share on-going and future research agendas and analysis, and to discuss how to best support future policy initiatives aiming at a smarter, greener and more inclusive European economy. The workshop also helped to pave the way for the next CONCORD conference, to be held in the second half 2011.

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