4th GLORIA virtual workshop: "Capturing the progress of industrial innovation efforts towards competitive sustainability"

27 Apr 2021 - 28 Apr 2021

(by invitation only):

The fourth GLORIA workshop is to “Capturing the progress of industrial innovation efforts towards competitive sustainability”. The virtual workshop will be held in two virtual morning sessions during 27 and 28 April 2021, following the adoption of the first delegated act  of the EU taxonomy on sustainable finance and before the adoption of the second one planned for June.  The deployment shall promote interactive discussion and in-depth work in focus groups among the participants in two sessions (Day 1: Policy background, keynote speech and industry session, Day 2: Finance/NGO/standard setters session and policy roundtable). Questions to be addressed at the workshop:


  • EU Scoreboard as tool to complement the EU taxonomy? EU and global R&I competitiveness issues? Which additional indicators could provide insight to the stakeholder needs?
  • How do companies measure competitive sustainability? To what extent do they report on sustainability? How is industry preparing for the EU taxonomy?
  • How do financial actors measure sustainability of firms? What role in selecting their portfolio? How does the EU taxonomy contribute to this? What is measured beyond?
  • How do NGOs, data collectors and institutions measure sustainability of companies? How can the EU taxonomy be an added value? What can we learn from current data availability?
  • Can answering the questions above facilitate access to finance for innovation? Which data are missing and could (or not) be collected? What are the barriers to be overcome?
  • What will not be covered by the taxonomy and how incentivize the companies to report on it? What can the European Commission do? Lessons for the R&I policy agenda and the R&D Scoreboards?
  • Validation of 2020 EU R&D Scoreboard SDG chapter?

The workshop will conclude with the identification of main data and information gaps and a policy roundtable, including possible ways forward tackling data and analyses needs.

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