Cocncordi 2019

10 Reasons to join CONCORDi 2019

We give you 10 reasons for joining us on the 7th edition of this leading science & policy Conference:

  • We gather the best scientists. In 10+ years, we have enjoyed the insights of three Nobel Laureates (Robert Solow, Eric Maskin and Finn E. Kydland). Among this year participants we find top list "ISI Highly Cited Researchers", chief editors of leading journals, top executives from preeminent European and American academic institutions.
  • CONCORDi shapes the research agenda. We exploit the full potential for synergies of the best available knowledge across Europe and beyond. Examples are research common streams of financing R&D and innovation, internationalisation of R&D, scientific evidence for policy, and growth of innovative firms.
  • Selected outcomes of the Conference are published in special issues of top scientific journals, such as Economics of Innovation and New TechnologyIndustrial and Corporate Change; Science and Public Policy; Structural Change and Economic Dynamics.
  • CONCORDi helps to attract top level scholars to spend some time working at the DG JRC.
  • CONCORDi 2019 is organised in association with the OECD, a new example of the growing partnership with the JRC, and the ongoing collaboration between the Directorate for Growth and Innovation of the JRC and OECD's Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation.
  • A plenary session of CONCORDi always focuses on the link between scientific output and the EU policy agenda. It allows discussion and re-assessment of the policy agenda, based on recent research findings by its main actors.
  • Participating policy stakeholders included Ministers, European Commissioners, Commission Director-Generals, representatives from the European Central Bank and the European Investment Bank, United Nation for Industrial Development Organization, and many more.
  • CONCORDi makes explicit impacts into EU policymaking, as for example in the Competitiveness Council meeting on Creating an innovative Europe.
  • CONCORDI also hosts the input of industry representatives who validate the output of the Conference. It has enjoyed participation from market leader companies and European business associations; Truffle Capital, Philips, Merck Group, Dow Chemical or the European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (UEAPME), European Association for Research and Technology Organisations – EARTO.
  • CONCORDi 2019  focuses on "Industrial Innovation for Transformation". It will provide a timing opportunity for discussing about certain aspects of the next EU framework programme for R&I, and of the 2030 Agenda.