Plenary session 1

Plenary session 1

pdfPresenter and author: Dirk Pilat Keynote speech: Innovation and industrial dynamics in the digital transformation

Presenter and author: A. Coad
pdf Persistent heterogeneity of R&D intensities within sectors: Evidence and policy implications

Presenter and author: B. Mulkay
pdf Competition and innovation persistence in France

Presenter and author: E. Cefis

Good Times, Bad Times: Innovation and Survival over the Business Cycle (Presentation not available)

Presenter and author: L. Borge and S. Bröring
How interdisciplinary is research in the bioeconomy? Analysing collaborative networks in an emerging field

Presenter and author: L. Nesta, E. Verdoli, F. Vona
The Carrot or the Stick? Directed Technical Change and Nonlinearities of Policy Effectiveness in Energy Innovation

Presenter and author: L. Beltrametti, A. Gasparre and L. Persico
pdfIndustry 4.0 and digital innovation in manufacturing: state of the art and future prospects in the Italian mechanical engineering

Presenter and author: B. Dachs S. Kinkel, A. Jäger
Bringing it all back home? Back-shoring of manufacturing activities and the diffusion of Industry 4.0

Presenter and author: A. Vezzani  and A. Coad
Manufacturing the future: is the manufacturing sector a driver of R&D, exports and productivity growth?

Presenter and author: Ch. Guillard, Jordi Jaumandreu and J. Olivari

pdfExploring ways to estimate endogenous productivity

Presenter and author: U. Cantner and S. Vannuccini 
The Compositional Nature of Productivity Slowdown

Presenter and author: J. Mairesse and  S. Robin
Assessing Measurement Errors in the CDM Research-Innovation-Productivity Relationships

Presenter and author:F.-R. Cáceres-Carrasco, J. Fernández-Serrano, and I. Romero

pdfTourism global value chains and technological capabilities in the hotel industry

Presenter and author:C. Castaldi and  M. Dosso
pdfHow do trademarks affect the economic performance of global R&D leading firms ?

Presenter and author: Ph. Schulz
The role of openness to external knowledge sources in innovation value chains. How do high- and low-tech firms differ in their behaviour?

Presenter and author:E. Salvador J.-P. Simon and P.-J. Benghozi

pdfTechnological innovation as a disruptor: the case of the cinema value chain at the digital age

Presenter and author: D. Nepelski, M. Bogdanowicz, F. Biagi, P. Desruelle,G. De Prato, G. Gabison, G. Piroli, A. Pesole, N. Thumm and V. Van Roy

pdf7 ways to boost digital innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe

Presenter and author: G. Presidente
pdfLabor Services At Will Regulation of Dismissal and Investment in Industrial Robots



Presenter and author: A. Santos

pdfDo selected firms show higher performance? The case of Portugal's innovation incentive

Presenter and author: B. Becker ,S. Roper and J.H. Love

pdfThe effectiveness of regional, national and EU support for innovation in the UK and Spain

Presenter and author: S. Appelt, M. Bajgar, C. Criscuolo, F. Galindo-Rueda

Structure and funding of business R&D: Descriptive evidence from micro-aggregated cross data (Presentation not available)



Presenter and author: V. Behrens, D. Czarnitzk and A. Toole

pdfFasten Your Seatbelts! Can The Patent Prosecution Highway Take Your Application Down The Fast Lane?

Presenter and author: G. Capponi, A. Martinelli, A. Nuvolari and P. Criscuolo

pdfCombining Formal and Informal IP

Presenter and author: H. Koski and J. Luukkonen

pdfTechnology giants in patent wars: competition, litigations and innovation



Presenter and author: P. Mohnen , M. Polder and G. van Leeuwen

pdfR&D, ICT and productivity

Presenter and author: F. Rasel, S. Viete and  Th. Niebel

pdfBIG Data - BIG Gains? Understanding the Link Between Big Data Analytics and Firm Performance

Presenter and author: R. Righi, S. Samoili, M. López-Cobo and G. De Prato

pdfInternational ICT Trade Dynamics 2004-2014: An Explorative Network Analysis


Presenter and author: Gilles Fombasso and Michele Cincera

pdfImpact of EUREKA Projects on the performance of R&D SMEs

Presenter and author: Martin Falk, WIFO, and Roger Svensson, IFN

pdfSuccessfully Obtaining Public R&D Grants: The Importance of Project and Firm Characteristics

Presenter and author: Stefano Bianchini, Patrick Llerena and Roberto Martino

pdfThe impact of R&D subsidies in different institutional frameworks


Presenter and author: Thomas Schwab and Maximilian Todtenhaupt

pdfSpillover from the Haven:Cross-border Externalities of Patent Box Regimes within Multinational Firms

Presenter and author: Petros Gkotsis and Antonio Vezzani

pdfHow much does a patent cost? An analysis of technology specific R&D investments

Presenter and author: Geciane Silveira Porto, Maria Angelica Oliveira Luqueze, Sergio Kannebley Junior

pdfOpen Innovation Network: the case of Healthcare firms of Nasdaq-100 Index


Presenter and author: Anna Thum-Thysen, Peter Voigt, Christoph Maier, Beñat Bilbao-Osorio and Diana Ognyanova

pdfUnlocking investment in intangible assets in Europe

Presenter and author: Mattia Di Ubaldo and Iulia Siedschlag

pdfInvestment in Knowledge-Based Capital and Productivity: Firm-Level Evidence from Ireland

Presenter and author: Cristiano Antonelli

pdfKnowledge as an Economic Good: Exhaustivility VS Appropiability

Plenary session 2:

- Luis Delgado, (Acting Director, Directorate for Growth and Innovation – Directorate-General Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, ES)

-Patricia Reilly, (Cabinet of Commissioner Navracsics - European Commission, BE) 

Uwe Cantner, (Friedrich Schiller University Jena, DE)  Innovation Roads Ahead pdf

Parallel sessions (II)


Presenter and author: P. Khoshnevis and P. Teirlinck

Dynamic performance evaluation of aerospace industry actors in Belgium (Presentation not available)

Presenter and author: F. G. Basso, S. Kannebley Júnior, G. S. Porto  

pdfOpen Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry: a Study Using Social Network Analysis in Patents

Presenter and author: A. Reis , J. Mendonça and L. Urbina

Challenges for the Development of Technology-Based Firms in Aeronautics (Presentation not available)



Presenter and author: T. Ciarli, A. Marzucchi, E. Salgado, M.  Savona

Innovation and employment dynamics in the UK (Presentation not available)

Presenter and author: P. Santoleri

Innovation and job creation in (high-growth) new firms (Presentation not available)

Presenter and author: M. Teruel  and A. Segarra-Blasco

pdfGender diversity, R&D teams and patents: An application to Spanish firms



Presenter and author: M. Paier, M. Dünser and A. Unger

pdfRegional knowledge creation in a global industry: an empirical agent-based model of the Austrian semiconductor industry

Presenter and author: P. F. Simmering and  D.S. Hain

pdfInnovation and Imitation Strategies in the Age of the Upgrade  – An Agent-Based Simulation Model

Presenter and author: A. Bayona,  Á. L. López

Asymmetries, Passive Partial Ownership Holdings, and Product Innovation (Presentation not available)



Presenter and author: N. Hewitt-Dundas , A. Gypalib and S. Roper

pdfDoes learning from prior collaboration help firms to overcome the ‘two worlds' paradox in university-business collaboration?

Presenter and author: U. Rizzo, N. Barbieri , L. Ramaciotti, and D. Iannantuono

pdfThe division of labour between academia and industry for the generation of radical inventions

Presenter and author: R. Camerani, D. Rotolo and N. Grassano

Do Firms Publish? A Cross-Sectoral Analysis of Corporate Science (Presentation not available)



Presenter and author: A. Santos and M. Cincera

pdfFinancing constraints and growth ambitions of innovative European firms

Presenter and author: Ch.-M. Chevalier 

pdfEndogenous growth with endogenous liquidity

Presenter and author: G. Dosi, I. Luna , N. Mathew, E. Youssef, H. Netto, I. Savin, and  X. Yu

Productivity, market selection and corporate growth: Comparative evidence from BRIC nations (Presentation not available)



Presenter and author: S. Montresor and F. Quatraro

Green technologies and regional specialisation: a European patent-based analysis of the intertwining of technological relatedness and Key-Enabling-Technologies (Presentation not available)

Presenter and author:  M. Plechero C. Cozza and R. Ortega-Argilés 

pdfEuropean disparities in regional health R&I performance

Presenter and author: C. Cozza, G. Perani A. Zanfei

pdfAre multinationals better at creating technical linkages with local firms and institutions?



Presenter and author: J.C. Alarcón R. Aguilar Caro, and J.L. Galán

pdfInnovation and productivity in Spanish service firms: the impact of the 2008 economic crisis

Presenter and author: O. Peia 

pdfBanking crises, R&D investments and slow recoveries

Presenter and author: G. Domini and D. Moschella

pdfEmployment reallocation and productivity during the Great Recession: evidence from French manufacturing



Presenter and author: G. Damioli and D. Vértesy

pdfLocation determinants of foreign R&D investments in European regions

Presenter and author: D. S. Hain, J. L. Christensen, and R. Jurowetzki

pdfThe value of human capital sgnals for Investment decision making under uncertainty - An analysis of foreign venture capital investments in Europe and sub-Saharan Africa

Presenter and author: F. Figueira de Lemos ,M. Falk

pdfExports, R&D Activities, and Labour Productivity of SMEs



pdfWhat determines international and inter-sectoral knowledge flows? The impact of absorptive capacity, technological distance and spillovers

Presenter and author: F. Seliger

pdfThe cost-quantity relations and the diverse patterns of "learning by doing": Evidence from India

Presenter and author: G. Dosi, M. Grazziy and N. Mathew

pdfEuropean Creative Synergy: Application for Energy Transition Efficiency

Presenter and author: K. Maziz, J.-Ch. Guilhem, M. Julien andJ. Laforcade


Plenary session 3

Presenter and author: Fernando Hervás

Presenter and author: Scott Stern

pdf Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: A New Agenda for Measurement and Policy

Plenary session 4

pdfKeynote speech: Openness as driver for a 21st Century mission-oriented research policy by LUC SOETE (coordinator of Research, Innovation and Science Policy Experts – RISE - of the European Commission – UNU-MERIT, NL)

pdfR&D support, IP, and innovation strategies by Bronwyn H. Hall (UC Berkeley, NBER, IFS, and MPI Munich)

pdfRTOs' Open Innovation Business Models by Muriel Attané (EARTO Secretary General)

pdfInnovation and Industrial Dynamics in the era of technological disruption by Alessandra Colecchia (Head of Economic Analysis and Statistics OECD Science, Technology and Innovation)

pdfGrat Work Shedding Light on Industrial Dynamics. A (Impossible) Synthesis by Maria grazzia Squicciarini (OECD)