Topic 1: Financial sources, constraints and firms' growth strategies

pdf The Long Good-Bye: A Longitudinal Analysis of Barriers to Innovation

Alex Coad, Gabriele Pellegrino, Maria Savona

pdf Corporate Science, Innovation, and Firm value

Markus Simeth, Michele Cincera

pdf No Money, No honey? Financing versus Knowledge and Demand Constraints to Innovation

Gabriele Pellegrino, Maria Savona

pdf Dynamic financial constraints and innovation: Evidence from the UK Innovation Surveys

Henry Lahr, Andrea Mina

pdf How to Finance Innovation Persistently? A Panel Data Study on Exporting Firms in Sweden

Hans Lööf, Pardis Nabavi

pdf Financial Disclosure, Tax Policy, and Innovation

James R. Brown, Gustav Martinsson

pdf Patents as Quality Signals? The Implications for Financing Constraints on R&D

Dirk Czarnitzki, Bronwyn H. Hall, Hanna Hottenrott

pdf R&D investments, Financial Constraints and Export

Carlo Altomonte, Simona Gamba, Maria Luisa Mancusi, Andrea Vezzulli


Topic 2: Public policies, policy means and financing facilitators

pdf R&D subsidies to small young companies: should the independent and high-tech ones be favored in the granting process?

Dirk Czarnitzki, Julie Delanote

pdf R&D Subsidy Allocation – What's the Role of Firm Size?

Tanja Tanayama, Anna-Leena Asikainen

pdf The impact of research tax credit on R&D and innovation: evidence from the 2008 French reform

Antoine Bozio, Delphine Irac, Loriane Py

pdf Impact Assesment of R&D Subsidies in Spain - Some preliminary results

Elena Huergo

pdf New technology-based firms in Europe: market penetration, public venture capital and timing of investment

Luca Grilli, Samuele Murtinu

pdf The Bearable Lightness of Crowdfunding: Evidences from Technology Projects

Alessandro Cordova, Johanna Dolci, Gianfranco Gianfrate

NOTE: The access to some papers presented at the Conference is not provided in this page, as expressly requested by the corresponding authors.