Welcome cocktail

The European Commission's JRC-IPTS invited all Conference participants to a welcome cocktail that took place on 26th September at 20h30 at GASTROSOL (Plaza de la Encarnación s/n, 41003 Seville. Tel. +34 954 21 72 25).


GastroSol is a unique space designed by the German architect Jürgen Mayer. It includes several services as a museum and a market. The restaurant is located in a panoramic area at more than 30 meters high, with an area of 1100 m2 of viewpoint which is considered one of the largest ones in Europe. Therefore, the cocktail was celebrated there, with panoramic view to the whole city of Seville. A touristic tour of approximately half an hour was organised before the cocktail.

The CONCORDi-2013 Best Paper Award ceremony took place during the cocktail.


               Gastrosol             Gastrosol