The following posters were on display:

pdf Forget R&D – pay my coach: Young innovative companies and their relations with universities

Joaquín M. Azagra-Caro, Francisco Mas-Verdú, Victor Martinez-Gomez

pdf Not searching, but finding: Innovation as a non-linear source of the private use of public knowledge

Joaquín M. Azagra-Caro, Rafael Pardo, Ruth Rama

pdf How to respond to the allocation paradox? Towards overcoming the financial barriers of growth of the innovative companies in Poland

Tadeusz Baczko, Kamil Kasner, Marek Szyl

pdf Innovation, growth and the possibilities of a "lock-in"

Bianchi L., Piacentini P., Prezioso S.

pdf The determinants of industry-level total factor productivity in Belgium

Bernadette Biatour, Michel Dumont and Chantal Kegels

pdf Industrial Dynamics at National Level as a Factor for Sustainable Industrial Growth in EU

Dimitar Blagoev, Nikolay Shterev, Diana Kopeva

pdf Innovation Assessment in a local branch of a rail transport manufacture industry

Nuno Boavida, Susana Moretto

pdf University research and firm performance in the Italian manufacturing sector

P. Cardamone, V. Pupo, F. Ricotta

pdf To what extent are knowledge-intensive business services contributing to the competitiveness of manufacturing industries?

Daria Ciriaci, Daniela Palma

pdf The input and output side of ICT R&D internationalization

Giuditta De Prato, Daniel Nepelski, Juraj Stancik

pdf Opportunities of innovational development of a modern economy during an output from crisis

Viacheslav Dovbenko

pdf Technoparks in Turkey: A Source of Technological Development?

Zeynep Kaplan

pdf Importance Factor - New Patent-Valuation Index

Freddy Pachys

pdf From creative industries to the creative place

Miguel Rivas

pdf A Global Map of Technology - A useful tool for analysing corporations' inventive profiles

Antoine Schoen, Jean-Philippe Cointet, Lionel Villard, Patricia Laurens, Ismael Rafols

pdf How should S&T contribute our future in Japan

Kuniko Urashima