Global industrial innovation and its societal challenges

Research and Innovation (R&I) are key to competitiveness, economic growth and to achieving more inclusive economies and societies. The landscape for R&I policies has become more complex in the past two decades, having to address an increasing number of persisting and new challenges, such as:  the EU-US productivity gap, the productivity puzzle of advanced economies, innovation diffusion issues, the impact of General Purpose Technologies (ICT and AI) and Emerging Technologies (KETs), the increased speed of technological and organisational change, challenges linked to the increasing economic globalisation and more recently the need to contribute to the management of profound socio-economic transitions (e.g. digitalisation, neutral carbon economy and circular economy) . 

In this context, we have built a track-record in quantitative micro-data analyses using own firm-level databases and quantitative tools, exploiting a unique actor-based perspective, using data from world leading companies as those who put innovation into the market and drive global corporate R&I trends.