IRI Team IRI Team

Team Leader: Fernando Hervás

Fernando Hervás joined the Territorial Development Unit as a senior researcher in February 2009 and was appointed Team Leader of the Industrial Research and Innovation team in June 2010. An economist with a Masters Degree on European Integration, he started working for the European Commission in 1995.

He has experience in different policy areas (regional policy, environment, transport, energy, research and innovation) and has been a member of the policy coordination unit responsible for the follow-up of the Lisbon strategy for Growth and Jobs and of the EU Sustainable Development Strategy in the Secretariat General of the European Commission (2003-2007).

From 2007 to 2009 he has worked in the Spanish National Agency for the Evaluation of Public Policies ( as a Director in the Evaluation Department.

Senior Team Member and Coordinator of The EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard: Héctor Hernández

Héctor Hernández

Engineer and Ph.D. degree in analysis of industrial processes and chemical engineering from the University of Compiègne (France).

Senior research-analyst at Directorate B of Growth and Innovation, currently dealing with prospective techno-economic studies concerning industrial, research and innovation policies.

Senior Expert: Pietro Moncada-Paternò-Castello

Senior Expert in Economics and Policy of Industrial Research and Innovation, and Facilitator of the JRC Scientific Cluster on Innovation, Knowledge Transfer, Competitiveness and Employment at the European Commission (EC), Joint Research Centre (JRC).

He is an agricultural engineer - mayor on 'techno-economics' - (University of Catania, Italy), and holds a Master of Science Degree in Management of Technology (Massachusetts Institute of Tecnology -MIT- Sloan School of Management and the School of Engineering). He completed the PhD programme in Science of Economics and Management at the Solvay Brussels School of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium).

His research interests include economics of corporate R&D and innovation, firm dynamics, employment and competitiveness; management of technological change, and research & innovation policy.

Senior Team Member and Coordinator of The EU Survey on R&D Investment Business Trends: Alexander Tübke

Alexander Tübke

Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering

His current research interest is in management of R&D and innovation, corporate finance, technology transfer and techno-economic intelligence.

Team Member: Sara Amoroso

Sara Amoroso

Sara Amoroso obtained a Ph.D. in Econometrics from Tilburg University and started as post-doctoral researcher at the Territorial Development Unit in 2013.

She is currently focusing on delineating the technological profile of the European top R&D investors to understand their prospects of global competition in a set of key strategic high R&D sectors.

Her research interests are in R&D and innovation, empirical industrial organization, Bayesian micro-econometrics.

Team Member: Alexander Coad

Sara Amoroso

Alex Coad joined the Territorial Development Unit in June 2015. In 2007 he obtained a joint PhD from Université Paris 1 Pathéon-Sorbonne (France) and the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies (Pisa, Italy).

His research interests include firm growth and performance, innovation, and entrepreneurship. He is an associate editor at the journal 'Research Policy'.

Team Member: Mafini Dosso

Mafini Dosso

Mafini Dosso joined the Territorial Development Unit in October 2013, as a post-doctoral researcher working on Industrial Research and Innovation. She has obtained her PhD in Economics of Innovation and Institutions (University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne, France).

Her main research interests are (national) innovation systems and policies, technological specializations, industrial dynamics and technological and non-technological innovations. Her main contribution consists in mapping the technological activities of large R&D companies in order to assess their effects on innovation and economic performances.

Team Member: Petros Gkotsis

Petros Gkotsis holds a first degree in Physics from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in Greece. After the PhD award from Cranfield University at Cranfield UK he joined the Electrical Engineering department at Universite Catholique de Louvain at Belgium where he continued his research on functional materials and new technologies based on thin films.

His current research focuses on the impact of new technologies on economic growth and social prosperity. His interests also include the monitoring and analysis of industry competitiveness focused on the economic, innovation and technological performance of companies.

Team Member: Nicola Grassano

Nicola Grassano

Nicola holds a PhD in Law and Economics from the University of Bologna (Italy) and is a visiting fellow at SPRU - Science and Technology Policy Research of the University of Sussex (UK). He joined the Territorial Development Unit in November 2013 as post-doc researcher working on Industrial Research and Innovation (IRI) team.

He contributes to the implementation of the Industrial Research and Innovation Monitoring and Analysis (IRIMA) project. His main tasks includes company data management and analysis for the preparation of main project deliverables (Industrial R&D Scoreboard, Survey, Working papers and policy briefs).

His research interests are in economics of innovation, innovation and productivity in the service sector, innovation indicators and measurements problems, R&D and non-R&D based innovations

Team Member: Antonio Vezzani

Antonio Vezzani

Antonio joined the Industrial Research and Innovation team in October 2012. He studied Political Sciences and then graduate as a PhD in Economic Theory and Institutions (University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Italy).

His main research field is the economics of innovation, focusing on the provision of scientific evidence in support to industrial and innovation policies. Starting from the analysis of the complementarity between technological and non-technological innovations and the impact on firm performances, Antonio has then enlarged its research interest to the analysis of the technological profiles and internationalization strategies of multinational corporations. His current research embraces also the study of knowledge dynamics, the detection of new emerging technologies and the implication for national and regional innovation systems.

Team Member: Lesley Potters

Antonio Vezzani

Lesley Potters is currently obtaining his PhD in Economics at the Utrecht School of Economics and has a MSc in Business Administration of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

Since 2005 he has been working mainly on the micro-economic impact of R&D and innovation on firm performance and has worked with the Dutch Ministry of Finance as a senior policy advisor. Current interests are Global Value Chains, R&D internationalisation and R&D location decisions.

Contractual and Legal Administration: Olivia Verhulst

Olivia Verhulst

A recognized professional delivering constructive support with a smile, Olivia started her career with Deloitte and had several Audit, Risk Assessment, Control and/or Compliance positions with Citibank/Citigroup, in Europe and in NY before heading Internal Audit & Control for Citibank Belgium. Most recently, she operated in Seville as a free-lance Management Consultant leveraging her expertise in Enterprise Risk Management and Process Improvement areas.

Administrative and Organisational Support: Rosy Rueda

Rosy Rueda

With more than 10 years of experience in the fields of administrative and secretarial support, Rosy joined Directorate B: Growth and Innovation in 2009. She is currently in charge of giving project management support (deliverables, financial follow-up and planning) to the IRIMA project as well as other projects in the Territorial Development Unit. Other functions she usually performs are the following ones: administrator of the IRI website, financial and contractual management support (sharepoint, tender documents, payments), among others.