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On occasion of its tenth anniversary, CONCORDi 2017 aims to present and discuss both theoretical and empirical contributions relevant to corporate R&D, innovation and technological advancement.

Corporate R&D, innovation and technological development are crucial drivers for the dynamics of industry, competitiveness, job creation and welfare, and to guarantee the achievement of a sustainable territorial development in the EU.

A key objective of this Conference is to identify the research, business and policy challenges in this area for the decade to come, and to provide guidance to the EU industrial research and innovation policy agenda.

CONCORDi 2017 discussed issues related to the economics and policy of corporate R&D and innovation, such as:

  • Industrial Dynamics: Towards greener economies - The industrial transformation - Innovation and digital disruption - ICT, analytics and innovation systems - Dynamics in aerospace and in pharmaceuticals.
  • Competitiveness, Growth and Employment: Innovation persistence and firm survival - Lessons from the crisis - Employment in innovation - Growth, Innovation and productivity.
  • R&D support, Intellectual property and Innovation strategies: Supporting R&D - Intellectual property strategies - Investing in intangibles - Simulation and innovation strategies.
  • Internationalisation, Globalisation and other Territorial dimensions: Global value chains - Industry-university cooperation - The regional dimension of innovation - Innovation and Internationalisation - Knowledge spillovers and collaborative innovation.